3 Key SEO Points That Can Help Small Businesses to Compete

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, can help many businesses gain a steady following and build a name for themselves on the world wide web. As inferred from its name, SEO optimizes your business’ website so that search engines like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

Browser and Internet Explorer alike can acknowledge it as a trustworthy and reliable site. You may be curious, “Why should my business website be cited as trustworthy and reliable? What does it gain me?” the answer is straightforward, my friend. It means you are allowing your business the possibility to be bigger than it currently is.

SEO Market Share

SEO has the power to transform small businesses to a considerable competitive worthy size. For example, many small businesses in Mexico are struggling to grow due to the market share monopoly by corporate giants there. But, with the presence of SEO Mexico, small businesses can build a strong online presence and compete with other competitors in the struggle to attract customers.

Without further ado, let’s unveil what SEO can do for small businesses:

It Can Bring in More Customers

Businesses are going online because it can attract more customers from places near and far. If you want to increase your customer base, then applying SEO is within your best interest. SEO helps optimize your website and make it a high-ranking trustworthy site displayed on the first page on search engines. Think of it as your business getting full front-page coverage on the newspaper, but the newspaper is online and can be accessed by virtually anyone with a proper internet connection.

It Can Build Your Brand

SEO serves as a powerful marketing tool that can make your brand a strong and recognizable brand in most people’s eyes. Search engines want to provide the best result for their users. If search engines trust your website, it automatically garners the trust of search engine users-thus making your business stuck out more than other competitors.

It Helps You Compete

Increase in Sales

One of the main hindering factors for a small business to fail is fierce competition. The only way for small businesses to compete with corporate giants is by building a strong online presence and brand credibility. Many customers frequented a corporate giant as they have experience in the game with proven quality albeit not-so-affordable pricing for their products and services. But what if a small business that has the same qualities and affordable pricing exist? A good portion of their market share will be turning both tails and coats to be a patron at your company. For some people, high price is a major deal-breaker.


Technology can be a powerful ally, and so does its accomplice SEO. We should use them to our advantage and dominate the market through online marketing. If your competitors aren’t using SEO, then you are already one step ahead of them. Work smarter, not harder.


Marion Barnes

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